Thursday, December 1, 2011

Finish the Story: Transformations

"Really, Edward, it's just too much."

Edward was tired of this and this stupid fat old "teacher", always complaining about his homework.

"What's wrong wit it," he snarled.

Mr. Bloominbags looked up and pulled his reading glasses down, giving Edward "the stare" that he always used to intimate students (only he, Edward the Great, the world's most spectacular magician, wizard, in fact, could not be intimidated by the likes of old Bloominbags).

"You were supposed, Edward, to write an essay on your trip to the zoo and some of the animals you encountered there, but instead you've given me yet another one of your ridiculous made up stories about how you turned into something else, this time a tiger and a gorilla. You call it, I think, yes, a 'tigrilla'. I'm sadly going to be forced to give you a failing grade on this one."

Edward started to open his mouth, but he stayed silent. He would get his revenge, why, it was only a matter of time until...

Edward stared in disbeilef. "Mr. Bloom...Bloominbags, what are you doing, what's happening to you!"

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